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The Seafaring Icon: The Mallet Pea Coat

The Seafaring Icon: The Mallet Pea Coat

The enduring appeal of the peacoat lies in its versatility, durability, and timeless style, making it a treasured piece passed down through generations. It transcended its naval origins when it was adopted by 50s and 60s counterculture and became a symbol of cool. In the 1970s, the peacoat left an indelible mark on pop culture, thanks in part to notable appearances on screen, such as Robert Redford's portrayal in "Three Days of the Condor."

Featuring distinctive fastening with eight or ten large buttons, the peacoat boasts a design that excels in cold and wet conditions. This ingenious layout serves to shield the wearer's chest and neck from the unforgiving elements, including biting winds, rain, and sea spray. Adding to its practicality, vertical side pockets provide seafarers with a convenient way to warm their hands. The coat's upper section fits snugly, offering superior protection against the elements, while its flared skirt, a departure from its predecessor, the long coats worn by Naval officers, allows for enhanced freedom of movement during the rigors of sea life.

A recurring emblem on the peacoat is the imprint of a rope-entwined anchor. This design pays homage to Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, whose seal as Lord High Admiral during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500s continues to inspire this enduring symbol of maritime heritage and timeless fashion.

“The Mallet” Peacoat

After thoughtful consideration of how to pay homage to the original while modernizing this iconic jacket, we are thrilled to introduce "The Mallet" Peacoat to the Kato lineup. Distinguished by its double-breasted silhouette and two rows of bold admiral-style anchor buttons, "The Mallet" Peacoat commands attention as it faces the elements head-on.

Our unwavering passion and deep respect for vintage clothing is embedded in the very fabric of the entire Kato line. We scour the globe for great vintage pieces and study them with meticulous attention to every detail. In our view, it is within these subtleties that the authentic excellence of vintage clothing resides. With "The Mallet" Peacoat, we've channeled our wealth of expertise in vintage detailing, while also making subtle functional enhancements to honor the legacy of these exceptional pieces.

For its enduring durability and resistance to the weather, we've chosen a robust yet soft 21oz Melton wool infused with 10% Nylon. To add a touch of refinement, we've opted for an eight-button front. Additionally, we've lowered the hand warmer pockets for ease of use and a more natural stance. The collar and cuffs feature adjuster straps, designed to ward off wind and rain in challenging conditions.

The tailored cut of our "The Mallet" Peacoat offers a slightly slimmer silhouette, injecting a dash of elegance to this handsome coat. This is a timeless piece that will last for decades and is made to be passed down through generations.

“The Mallet” Peacoat is available in Navy and Military Green.

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