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Fade Contest Winner: Kunal Rana

Fade Contest Winner: Kunal Rana

Tell us about your jeans.

This is my go-to pair of denim for nearly any casual occasion. I've worn them while hiking, dinner dates, to just bumming at home on weekends. This is hands down my most comfortable pair of raw denim due to the 4 way stretch. Over time, the pocket bags on both sides began to tear from the pocket hem so I've decided to sashiko stitch to keep it all together. I love the unique look it created together with the fades. The back belt loop is starting to bust but still holding up for now. On my back pocket right side, you can see a bit of a subtle wallet fade. I'm not a fan of wallet fades, so I decided to stop putting my wallet in there. I also love the combs that formed behind my knees. I've always thought that stretch denim could not develop well defined combs but I was wrong. I plan to keep wearing these jeans and continue to make them into my own personality.

Tell us more about Sashiko stitch you did on your pockets. How did you get that idea?

When my pocket bags tore, I realized I needed functionality of my pockets to hold my house keys, pens, and other daily items. It’s amazing how much I missed my pockets after I lost them! So I did some browsing over the internet on how to repair denim and came across Sashiko stitching. It seemed simple to do and inexpensive so I gave it a try. I found some tutorial videos on YouTube that walked me through the process. The results turned out better than I thought and the stitching pattern gave the denim a unique look.

Tell us a little about yourself. (If you are a denim/fashion lover, can you tell us that side of you as well?)

I was born and raised in New Jersey and I make a living as an engineer. During my free time, I enjoy martial arts, appreciate craft beers, explore the outdoors, and wear my raw denim. Kato’s raw denim was my very first entrance into the raw denim world and it’s what got me into the fading craze. I enjoy fading my jeans because they look even better with time and wear, which really can’t be said about most other types of fabrics. It’s a hobby that I grew to appreciate.

You mentioned that you were wearing our jeans when you went to hiking. Can you tell us more about that? (do you like to wear jeans when you go hiking?)

Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies as I truly enjoy the experience to be with nature, escape from the busy world, and get a good workout in. Depending on the time of the year, I usually rotate between my hiking pants and my Kato jeans. During cooler months, I prefer wearing Kato’s 14 oz jeans as they are a little warmer than my hiking pants and the 4-way stretch makes for a comfortable hike. Sometimes I go hiking with friends and occasionally we go out for a few craft beers afterwards. Another benefit to hiking with jeans is that afterwards, I’m already dressed for the occasion. My Kato jeans are truly the most versatile pants I own.

Do you remember how you found KATO? (What lead you try our jeans first time? What was the first impression of 4-way stretch selvedge jeans?)

I first found Kato at a local men’s store called City Workshop Men’s Supply in Maplewood, New Jersey. Highly recommend visiting if you have not. My wife and I were walking down the street browsing various shops along the way. We walked into the men’s store and was pleasantly encouraged to try on a few jeans. Of the various brands I tried, I found Kato to be the most comfortable due to the 4-way stretch and the fabric itself wasn’t too rigid. My wife also liked the way the Kato jeans fit on my slim build. The Pen fit together with the 4-way stretch allowed for a snug and flattering look while still being comfortable.


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