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The Anvil Jacket (A History Of The CPO Jacket)

The Anvil Jacket (A History Of The CPO Jacket)

Behind this 1930 utilitarian classic, it was designed from thick wool to provide warmth for U.S Navy Chief Petty Officers during their cold-weather work duties. The CPO shirt has become a contemporary timeless piece into our modern wardrobe that transcended from its military roots.

The CPO shirt is a heavyweight wool overshirt with keynotes of navy colors and has one or two flap-closure patch chest pockets. The shirt was worn by naval officers and favored for its cozy and hard-wearing materials such as: Robust, tonal buttons run down the main placket, cuffs, and pockets, and these buttons often feature an embossed anchor representing the shirt’s nautical heritage.

KATO’s Designer Innovates modern fit on vintage garment

There’s something about a shirt jacket that just speaks sophistication in menswear. For our “Anvil” Shirt Jacket, we took your traditional double panel shirt jacket and turned it into 3 to create a three-dimensional look.

“The Anvil” Shirt Jacket, is meticulously crafted using a 3D pattern. Most tops are cut from two-dimensional patterns. With these 2D patterns, the front is sewn directly to the back. “The Anvil” Shirt Jacket introduces side panels as the third dimension, allowing more control over the shape of the garment. This result is a garment with an impeccable fit.

As always, “The Anvil” Shirt Jacket features vintage-style rounded chest and hand pockets, military-style cat-eye buttons, and lined cuffs.”

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