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Actor Daniel Victor

Actor Daniel Victor


Tell us a bit about yourself: What inspired you to become an actor, and what made you pursue music as well?

I am a 28-year-old artist and creative, based out of Brooklyn, NY. I grew up loving to watch movies over and over again with my parents and acting out scenes for them. Seeing my favorite actors get to “live” different lives through the roles they played seemed like so much fun to me, and I would love to bring as much joy to people as my favorite actors have brought to my childhood. As far as music, I loved the stories people were telling. There was always something different playing in my house or in the car so I was exposed to a slew of genres since I was little, and each one stuck to me a little bit. It wasn’t until my 6th or 7th grade English Teacher (Mr. Shaver) taught us about poetry, that I started writing my own, which led to want to become a musical artist as well. I feel like I’m my happiest when I’m performing in one way or another. 

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project(s)? Have you done anything that was fun and challenging?

I do a lot of different work in the creative field! I shoot and edit content for brands, am a part of commercial & print campaigns, develop recipes to cook alongside professional chefs, train with professional trainers and coaches in various modalities and create my own music. I feel like that keeps life extremely fun and entertaining, but is also very challenging! I’m excited for new singles (that I’ve been working on since the pandemic started) to get finished, episodes of Epicurious filming soon, and more travel in the pipeline. A specific challenge would be making sure that everything comes out how I want it to. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so not having complete control in some processes is TOUGH for me, but I smile, do my best and carry on.  

Describe your creative process? What is it about the way you do what you do, that you feel might separate you from others?

Since I have a bunch of different projects going on at one time, my brain tends to hop around from task to task. I think my creativity and “process” comes from working on something completely for a short amount of time, and then jumping to the next task for a bit, and then a third. Hopping from project to project lets me see things with fresh eyes more often, and also helps me get out of any box that I’m in mentally. I also love listening to Chillhop Beats while I work, solely for the fact that it will usually end in a few new lines or verses I can use as I freestyle to myself. 

Which fictional/nonfictional character would be the most exciting to meet in real life?

This may sound childish, but I think if I ever met Winnie the Pooh, I’d break down and cry. Winnie the Pooh was a huge part of my childhood. So much so that my sister and I actually got matching Pooh and Piglet tattoos together. There’s something about his purity and cheerful approach to life that makes me so happy and grounds me. A stroll around the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh would be a peak life moment. 

How do you manage your time as an actor and content creator on a day-to-day basis? Do you ever have scheduling conflicts?

I have scheduling conflicts ALL the time and the majority of my stress comes from the sporadic nature of how my calendar fills up, BUT I have gotten much better about my time management and organization. Keeping a calendar has become a ritual for me and now, any plan (or potential plan) gets put into my color-coded calendar so I know what’s coming up. I also am a big fan of to-do lists and journaling now which helps me keep things much more organized both in my schedule and in my brain .

What is the hardest part about acting? What's the best piece of advice for newcomers who are looking to pursue their career in the arts?

After an audition, waiting to hear back on whether or not you got the role is the hardest part. It’s tough to live in a constant state of limbo, but it’s important to remember that there are SO MANY other roles out there, that you should apply for as many as you can! Don’t get too hung up on one. For those looking to pursue a career in the arts, I would say to make sure that your heart is in it and it makes you happy. Focus more on the art part than the career part. You also need to have thick skin (not everyone will love your art as much as you do). 

What's your styling philosophy? How does your style fit into your lifestyle?

My style philosophy is a mix of 2 old adages:

  • “if you look good, you play good”
  • “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”

I do my best to dress in what makes me feel confident. A good outfit can boost your mood, be a conversation starter, land you a job, get you scouted or be the reason for a second date! I believe that what a person wears is the outward expression of who they are on the inside, so I dress like me. Wear what you want to wear and what makes you feel good. That’s how you get your own style. Nobody dresses like you better than you.  

What are some of our items you like to wear from Kato? Any personal pieces? 

You already know I LOVE just about everything I get from Kato. The selvedge denim has really revolutionized the way that I look at jeans in general, and has made me appreciate the look and feel of selvedge denim pieces. Big fan of the slim jeans and how they give my body a nice silhouette while still allowing me freedom to move around. I also have a bit of a jacket fetish, so the Blade Denim jacket and new Chore Jackets that dropped this spring have been pretty consistent staples for my outfits. Already excited for the Fall 2022 collection after getting a sneak peek at the showroom!



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