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Motorcycles & Denim with Martin Majano

Motorcycles & Denim with Martin Majano

Tell us a little about yourself and what you've been up to this year.

 My name is Martin Majano (Instagram : @northmenswear). I am the owner of North Menswear. We have 3 locations (San Clemente, Laguna Beach and Long Beach). I have a passion for art, motorcycle, cigars and denim although I would not call myself a purist. I am more about the comfort and flexibility of denim these days as I am always riding my Harley that comfort always comes first for me. When I am not riding, you will always find me spending time with my wife and kids as they are why I do everything I do. 

I recently started the North Moto Group with a group of like-minded friends who truly want to enjoy the ride. We put together weekly rides that can range from 50 miles to 500 miles. It just all depends on where we are going. I love to campout so we sometimes coordinate camping trips with our rides. 

What got you started in your love of denim?

 When I moved to NYC back in 2000 my cousin was working for a LEVIS concept store called Selvedge on Mulberry Street. That was my first taste of premium denim. From there he became the Director of Events for another brand called Earnest Sewn and brought me along to work with him. I became fascinated with the denim culture from that point on and it stayed with me from NYC to the West Coast where I eventually was introduced to other brands. 

What do you love most about motorcycles and if you could only have one which one would it be?

 I love the freedom of being on the road. When you are on a motorcycle, your senses are heightened and you can hear yourself thinking. It is you and the 2 wheels beneath you on the open road and it almost feels like church to me. Its truly liberating and I have been able to sort out any obstacles or challenging I am facing. I get to problem solve and I do not have many vices but riding has become one of them.

I feel like I have the motorcycle I could ever want but I am eyeing an ARCH motorcycle which is Keanu Reeves company. 

Where do you see the American made denim industry going?

  I see the USA made denim industry reaching new heights. I think 2020 taught us a lot in regards to logistics and what can happen when we are too reliant on global trade. By manufacturing in the USA, we will have access to more brands I feel and we truly have seen a resurgence of American Made goods. I am really hopeful for the future of fashion especially with more sustainable ways of producing high quality garments in America. We at NORTH are on the verge of producing our Heritage Collection and we are excited to say that it will be made locally here in Los Angeles. 

How do you cuff your jeans? 

I do a single cuff as see in the photos so that the selvedge shows and they hit above my sneakers. Sometimes if I am wearing boots, I will leave them uncuffed. It depends on the look I am going for.


For someone that has never purchased denim before, what advice would you give them? 

 I would advise to go to a brick and mortar and try on different types of weights, fits and styles. Just like anything we do in life. Try it out until you find the best fit and fabric that suits your lifestyle.

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