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Florence From French Chic Living

Florence From French Chic Living

How did you get started in the business? 

It all started with my book French Chic Living published by Rizzoli. 

French Chic Living is my 6 book by the way....

When my kids were small, I slowly began looking back to the ways things were done when I was growing up in France as so many products we were using were creating problems.... Washing my son 's jeans  again & again were destroying them, and made his skin itchy,  the smell was not so great. either  and nothing was ever feeling clean... 

So my book was all about time tested family recipes to take care of a house in a simple, healthy, organic way, from laundry to cleaning and more.

My laundry detergent is made with Savon de Marseille which is the best cleaning soap and gentle for the skin. It has been used for centuries. We bring it from France and then all my products are made in America. 


What's your favorite product you sell?

I love my laundry detergents as it is such an instant gratification to have clean laundry with a subtle scent and it makes your clothes feel better and better. All of a sudden all is good in the world.

How do you go about creating a product from concept to testing?

We start with an organic base and really just experiment with tips from my grandmother. We try which combinations work better, what makes you feel better after washing your jeans. We also create a scent with each products. Scents for me are extremely important it brings back or create an olfactory memory which bring a sense of well-being. Our palette is fresh, natural and subtle. 

What tips do you have for people who purchased the KATO denim detergent and spray? 

Never run out of them as they will help you maintain your jeans beautifully! Try all the different scents as you can match them with your mood.

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