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The Making Of The File Jacket

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The Making Of The File Jacket

Based on the original M-65 field jacket that was widely used by United States forces during the Vietnam War. The M-65 kept the soldiers warm in the cool weather that came after monsoonal rains.“The File” is engineered to the durable specifications of a military fatigue jacket, with an improved fit and fabric.

For the launch of our new military jacket, we sourced a beautiful Japanese reverse slub satin fabric. By flipping the surface of fabric, we reveal the subtly textured qualities that make it so sought after by connoisseurs. We made the details our own by introducing angled pockets for ease of use and our signature KATO orange stitching to secure the mil-spec matte buttons.“The File” jacket is now available in Military Green and Khaki.

There are two classic war era jackets that inspired the File Jacket and how it functions. 

The OG-107 was manufactured in its first iteration from 1952 until 1963. Despite this, the earliest version of the uniform would be the one most often seen in pictures of American troops in Vietnam.

The OG-107 is perhaps most closely associated with the Vietnam war but was considered the standard Army uniform for most soldiers at home and abroad.


The M-65 field jacket earned its stripes during the Vietnam War where it was widely used by U.S. Forces. The field jacket was created specifically for military practicality and cold weather conditions. 

Given its deep history and the context of its application, it should come as no surprise that theM-65 is built to last. One of theM-65‘s biggest strengths are the balance it strikes between function and form. It certainly has all the construction qualities to protect one from the elements, but it also possesses a clean, timeless piece that is not always easy to obtain.


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