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The Denim Hound

The Denim Hound

The Denim Hound is a denim reviewer, collector, and photographer. He runs where he has reviewed over 100 pairs of jeans from all over the world. His website and Instagram feed, @denimhound has been a leading source of denim information since 2016.  

The Denim Hound on Kato

What I like about Kato is that they are always working to push innovation. In the denim world, there is a big emphasis on preserving heritage and reproducing clothing from the past. I think this is a very important aspect of it, and Kato is very inspired by vintage style, but I think there is not enough push for innovation. Kato really puts a lot of work into finding that balance between history and innovation.


The beauty of fades

Besides the obvious aesthetic beauty and complexity of denim fades, I think there is a psychological aspect to it. I think we are attracted to fades because it subconsciously communicates experience and loyalty. We have been around the block and know a thing or two. We have survived the friction of conflict and we stay loyal to the ones we love.   


Favorite product from KATO’

Right now I’m really liking The Vise Jacket in Moleskin. The vintage styling of it and the history of the fabric are all on point.  


Advice to the first raw buyer 

Always start with fit. Getting the fit right in both look and comfort is the difference between a pair of jeans you will wear every day for years or one that will sit in your closet. If you can’t go into a store to try them on, take the time to understand how to measure your jeans. Then find your best fitting pair of pants and measure those to compare with online size charts. If ever in doubt, email the store or brand to get some help. As far as washing raw denim, I like to do a soak when I first get raw denim to release some starch. This helps nice creases set in for great fades and actually prolongs the life of the denim. I suggest hand washing them about once every 30 wears. And NEVER put them in a dryer. This will shorten the life of your jeans.

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