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Q&A With MacCallister Byrd

Q&A With MacCallister Byrd
 This week we sat down with our friend and actor MacCallister Byrd to see what he's been up to in Los Angeles. Check him out on Instagram here.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you're up to these days
Hello! My name is MacCallister Byrd (Mac if you'd like) and I am an actor from Chicago. I have been living and working in LA along with my beautiful fiancé and our 2 year old dog. Most mornings I can be found on my back patio talking to my succulents and drinking my coffee. I really love the outdoors. Often when LA gets to be too much I'll take trips to local hidden mountain ranges to escape and hike. Also recently I've been working with a small team on creating new content which includes a podcast, short films, and music.


 What does fashion mean to you in your line of work?

In the business of entertainment in Hollywood, fashion is a very unique concept. Essentially, if you do it right, you can pretty much wear whatever you want! Or maybe that is just how I see it - I can show up to a red carpet event in a nice suit and match it with a fresh pair of Jordans. One day I can rock a vintage tee with basketball shorts and some beat up chucks. The next I'll put on a nice button down and chinos and look totally different. I guess that is what fashion means to me specifically. Having the versatility and pushing the limits of the norm while still being fashionably logical. My closet has a wide array of threads.  


How did you get started in acting and how do you keep yourself motivated?

Well. I really fell in love with acting in high school. I was primarily an athlete so I never had enough time to fully immerse myself in the acting world at that point. Once college rolled around it was either I keep playing baseball and follow that path that I had known for quite some time, OR, go down the acting route and try something I had always wanted to do. So from that point I decided to put all my efforts into the theater. I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in theater studies integrated in the performing arts and moved to LA right after. I stay motivated pretty easily. I have visions of being on billboards and seeing myself in these big roles and that definitely keeps me hungry. 

 Most challenging part about being an actor in LA?

Dealing with no. Acting work is a lot like an iceberg. You only see the little bit of the success while in reality there is a lot more that happens under the surface. A lot of the time losing out on a role can have nothing to do with natural ability. There had been an instance where I lost out on a series regular role because I was too tall. ITS CRAZY! But, it's important to not take things personal and to also know, for me, it's never a matter of if, but when. I can only control what I can control, and for me that's doing the best I can do for every opportunity that comes my way. 


What's your favorite role you've played so far?

As of right now I will have to say Private Hank Fisher on CBS' Strange Angel. Strange Angel was a period show that is set in the 1940s in Pasadena California. The series involves real life events that took place around times of WWII and aerospace. I was fortunate to do my own stunts including being suspended on a 100ft bridge over the course of a night. I got to wear an authentic soldier uniform while smoking period accurate non filtered cigarettes that made my head spin after 50 different takes. Just experiencing the grand scale of such a fun and exciting Hollywood project will stay with me for a long time. Also recently I had just wrapped filming on a indie movie titled 'Evan Wood' that should come out sometime in 2020. The cast and crew were an amazing pleasure to work with along with director Niki Byrne who had such a great vision for the film. 


What everyday items do you carry on you no matter where you go?

Iphone, leather key clip, old trifold wallet, and some headphones of some sort. I also tend to walk around with my reusable water bottle that is decked out with a lot of decals. More often than not I can be found wearing a hat too. It's easy and can really complete whatever look I am going with for that day. 


What's your favorite KATO piece and why?

My favorite Kato piece hands down is the short sleeve pineapple/floral shirt. I wear it all the time. It's a perfect shirt that can be worn in versatility - I can dress it up or down. To the beach or to an event. The fabric is also breathable so I can wear it comfortably too. It is a timeless and essential piece of my wardrobe. 


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