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Meet The Fade Contest Winner

Meet The Fade Contest Winner

Tell us a little about yourself. 

CB: I split my time between Washington DC and the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. I am soon to be married to my lovely fiancée Leah, who thankfully still wants to get married despite my having washed my KATO jeans maybe onetime. Outside the city we spend time hiking and exploring nature with our bernedoodle.

Can you tell us more the story behind your fade? 

CB: My KATO jeans have been with me through many significant life events over the past two years. They have been my trusty companion as I started a new job and got engaged to the love of my life. Through all of these experiences, my jeans have grown with me, and the unique fades they have developed serve as a reminder of these cherished moments. Leah and I had our second date walking in Rock Creek Park in DC. Earlier last year ... we went back on the same walk but this time I had some hardware and proposed along the same trail as our second date. We’ve lived in DC together, and for a variety of reasons have had to move twice in the last two years. KATO has been there on moving day and anniversary dinner.


We are glad to hear our customers are wearing KATO’s jeans longtime. What made you purchase KATO and could you give us your personal feedback?

CB: I love Japan, I love the United States, and I want to buy jeans that will look great at dinner or in afield and last for a long, longtime. KATO was a no brainer once I discovered the brand. I was just hoping they’d fit after ordering my first pair online. I have three pairs now, and although there’s been some fiddling with sizes and pen slim/regular, I haven’t looked back. I hope to buy KATO forever and expand into the new shirts and the jean jacket.

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