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Fade Contest Winner: Jordan Roy

Fade Contest Winner: Jordan Roy
We sat down with our Fade Contest winner Jordan Roy for a quick Q&A.
KATO Selvedge: The Needle-Indigo Raw 10.5 oz
Worn: for 1 year 10 months
My wife and I along with our couple of pets live in Indianapolis. Currently, I’m working my way through flight school.
The fade comes from extensive use! I wear them nearly every day to work, out to dinner, lounging around the house, and longboarding.
I wash my denim minimally, hang to dry, and spot clean as needed.

What was your first raw denim? 
The Needle from Kato was actually my first step into the raw denim world!
I remember one morning walking outside to wipe the snow off of my car and I slipped on a sheet of ice. Ripped a huge hole down the knee.  I was so devastated when it first happened but, I was able to find some cool red floral fabrics to patch them with.
How many raw jeans do you have?
I believe I am at around 6 pairs of raw jeans now.  The pair I submitted for the fade contest are by far my favorite fade. They have been put through a lot of use over the past couple years. I was able to track down some cool red floral fabrics to use as a patch for the tear in the knee.
What are you enjoying wearing raw denim?
I recently started wearing the 14oz denim in the Needle fit.  I love breaking in a new pair and giving them their own unique personality. 
Do you want to keep wearing them to fade more or move to new one? 
I will definitely continue wearing the faded pair! Despite the rips and tears they continue to fit even better over time. Also I think it's important to have a fresh pair of denim in the closet. Breaking in each pair is a fun little project!

What do you like about KATO’s Jeans comparing with other denim brands?
I have tried on other denim, but can never pull the trigger on purchasing something different. Kato just fits me perfectly. I get the texture and feel of raw denim, while also having stretch and comfort. I don't see myself moving on to something else anytime soon.
Do you have any other KATO’s item? What would be your next piece?
Currently, I have the 14oz and 10oz in the raw Needle fit, a blue flannel, short sleeve button up, and a spring weight chore coat.  
The next piece I put in my closet would probably be one of the fall/winter corduroy jackets. That's definitely something I'm missing and would love to have!
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