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A Sit Down With Nate (@cuffington)

A Sit Down With Nate (@cuffington)

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from? What's your current occupation?

I grew up in Palo Alto, California but lived in Southern California for the last 9 years between San Diego and Los Angeles for school and work. I graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Cognitive Science and ended up pursuing a career in digital marketing. Last year, I moved to New York to be the marketing director for Thursday Boots Company. I manage everything from content creation to digital marketing campaigns.


- How did you get into photography and how did you develop your style?

I had initially been interested in photography since high school. A few friends and I would play around with film cameras we would find at thrift stores. After high school, I kind of forgot about photography - it wasn't until when Instagram came around where I was drawn back into it. Like everybody else, I was taking photos with my iPhone and applying instagram filters before moving onto other photo filter apps like vsco and snapseed. That evolved into using an actual camera and regularly editing my photos through Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


- Who are your favorite photographers?

@whaleysworld - His account is one of the main reasons I started cuffington and the biggest influence on me. His photos and style are the perfect blend of rugged, moody, and adventurous. 

@moodsbymark - The master of still life - his photos are so crisp and clean. I love his utilization of lights, shadows, and colors.


- How do you typically commute to work and how does your style transition from season to season?

Now that I live in NY, I take the subway and walk to work. Since the seasons are definitely more extreme here on the east coast compared to the west, I have to dress accordingly or suffer the consequences. Lots of layers in the winter (which I love and was looking forward to, coming from California!) and a simple t-shirt or a short sleeve button-up for the summer. 


- How did you enter the world of fashion? Was it a goal you started out with or an avenue that opened up along the way?

I have always been interested in fashion. When I was younger, I bounced around from style to style to find whatever it was that suited me most at that time. I wore baggy pants, really loud, baggy graphic tees, then to polos, flip flops, to my prized skate shoes paired with my nudies, APC, or naked & famous denim. It wasn’t until the end of college, which was when Instagram was on the rise, that I discovered the heritage style of denim and boots. Especially because it’s so timeless, it’s pretty much guided my style ever since.

Professionally, I owe it all to Instagram for giving me the platform to showcase my style and opening all these doors for me in the fashion world. When I started my instagram, I didn't really have any specific intentions except to show off my outfits and denim fades. Social media has definitely revolutionized the fashion and marketing industry.


- What's your favorite product by KATO + how does wearing KATO mix in with your everyday style?

For colder weather, I am a huge fan of the Anvil Shirt Jacket. I love the modern curved hem and weight of the jacket. It’s heavy duty, keeps me warm while I shoot photos throughout New York. For warmer weather, the Wrench Short sleeve shirt is perfect. There are so many fun eye catching patterns released every season. For bottoms, obviously the 4-way Stretch Selvedge Denim. They are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.  


- How do you cuff your selvedge denim?

I like to cuff my jeans in variety ways. 2 main ways are the raw hem with single cuff to expose the fray edges and the other one is a thin tight crisp cuff which involves only 2 tight rolls.

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