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The Scissors Slim tapered - Indigo Raw Air 11.5oz Selvedge

SKU 301544605-30

'Heavily Textured, Lightly Worn

In the pursuit of innovation we have created our latest achievement in denim. The idea for Selvedge Air was born out of the love for old vintage denim and the need for comfort. We wanted to introduce a denim that had the look and feel of a 15oz denim but one felt light and very comfortable when worn. After a very long development process with a highly capable mill in Japan, we were finally able to make this vision a reality.

Instead of using the usual 3 X 1 weave of standard denim, we implemented a 5 x 1 weave. This creates a denim with a higher surface thread count but a lower overall thread count, making it lighter and still durable. The low tension yarns and loose denim weave contribute to the thicker look of the denim while maintaining its light feel. The overall result is a vintage textured denim that looks like heavy weight and feels like a lightweight.

• Slim Tapered Fit

• Indigo Raw 11.5oz


• Made in USA

• 4-Way stretch selvedge denim

• The model in the first picture is 6' and wearing the size 32.


Find the right fit for you with our


Crafted with intention, our denim is made using premium Japanese 4-way stretch selvedge in our Los Angeles workshop. Our denim goes through a time consuming 50 day process from start to finish to ensure the highest of quality. Built using only the best available hardware with traditional machines and techniques, you are getting a true vintage inspired piece with a modern upgrade of comfort.

Heavy Textured Look
unique selvedge ID
premium japanese selvedge denim
made in usa
4-way stretch
ykk & premium hardware

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Brian Roark
They're not kidding when they say don't wash these in the dryer

I should lead with the awesome customer service I received. I have 6 or 7 pairs of Kato jeans and love them all. They are all the 14 ounce though. I wash and dry all my jeans (including Kato's) in the washer and dryer. Never had a problem before and did the same with these. This particular pair shrunk to the point of being unwearable. Did I ignore the instructions, yes, but.... To Kato's credit, even though I'd bought them at another retailer, they gave me a credit for the jeans. I'll survive without this weight/wash and kuddo's to Kato's customer service!

The best pair of jeans I own.

The fit, material, and comfort level for a "heavy" looking pair of jeans is unmatched. They make you look and feel like a movie star.

Seem very nice, but....

So, I'm giving 2 stars because the jeans seem well made and the fabric is very cool looking and has a nice hand feel.

The rest of my experience has been less than great. First, I'm not sure whose tape measure is broken, mine or yours. I measured myself in drawz, along with two other pairs of jeans that fit me well to determine that the scissors size 33 should fit pretty well, especially given the heavy emphasis on how the jeans will stretch (but also somehow shrink, but DEFINITELY stretch). For reference, my normal size is a 34 in other jeans and pants and I can usually get a hand in the waistband, no problem. When these arrived I could not even pull them up all the way. Now, thicc thighs save lives, but apparently are not your target demographic, which is fine. So, no worries, I'll return them. Except they're not eligible to return....(CS fixed this next business day, thank you for being prompt with that). Unfortunately, the next two sizes up were OTS and there seems to be no readily obvious way to exchange for a different weight or style. So, effectively no ability to exchange, which meant return is the only real option with $11 return shipping (lame, it's 2023, nobody does that anymore).

So, there it is. I was really excited for these, but alas not meant to be. Can't say I even want to try to find a better fit or could recommend these to anyone if there's always going to be a penalty for trying them on. I'm just glad I didn't opt to get them hemmed....

Thank you for your honest feedback. We sincerely apologize for the negative experience you had with the 11.5oz. Please know that we take your feedback seriously and will share it with our production team for necessary improvements. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Brian Corr
they do not stretch

Be warned; they do not stretch. I can wear my other Hiroshi Kato jeans to the climbing gym! Even the slim fit have a great range of motion! Not these. They do look great, the texture of the weave is prominent and should look fantastic as it ages! I just wish they wouldn't advertise them as 4-Way stretch.

Thank you for your feedback. We regret that the 11.5oz denim did not offer the level of stretch you were looking for. Your insights are valuable and will be shared with our production team to help us improve. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Roger Spain
Pretty Disappointed

I was expecting a lot more compared to what I got. The cut is awkward fitting and the look of the fabric was much different than I imagined. Lesson learned.

We apologize for the dissatisfaction you experienced with the cut and fabric of the style. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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