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There are a lot of opinions out there on how to maintain and
care for your denim. The options range from never washing them all the way to washing them in the ocean. You can turn them inside out and do a gentle wash on cold, hand wash, or soak. Afterall of these options you must air dry for the best long.- term results. We now carry a non - harsh detergent and spray that helps with rogue smells together in a bundle offering. Make your denim last a lifetime with this care package today.

We recommend using the KATO denim spray. Simply shake the bottle, spray the garment, and allow the fabric to dry completely.
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SETP 1) Turn the jeans inside out, This will
help prevent bleeding and give the jeans
a better fade.

STEP 2) Fill up a tube with lukewarm water.
Add KATO's detergent or use a detergent
designed to preserve colors

STEP 3) Massage the jeans to remove any
excess dirty and grime.

STEP 4) Soak for 45 mins (max) for a standard wash.
Remember, if you want to keep the indigo color in your
denim, do not let it soak for a long period of time.

STEP 5) Be sure to rinse and hang dry in a
shade d area. (Do not use the dryer! )

STEP 6) Gently pat to
remove wrinkles.
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