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Mike Farmer raced from cars from 1996 to 2002 and went pro in 1999. He recalls, “Going 178mph at Daytona and being passed by Ferrari 333 and other Sports Prototypes like I was standing still. My first checkered flag was for a heat race at Berlin Raceway. (I remember) hitting the wall at 120mph at Berlin Raceway. Made the ‘crash tape’ it was on VHS - I wish I still had it. I learned the Sebring Track on a video game before qualifying. We had mechanical issues during practices and i didn’t have the track memorized. We had to get a qualifying time that was a 110% of the fastest guy if I remember correctly."

Mike has always been a family man and loves anything to do with cars or trucks. He raced with his dad and is now passing on the need for speed to his son. “One of the best memories is when (My Dad and I) crashed into each other. We always had a grudge match against each other in good fun.”, Mike reminisces.

Mike got into fashion in the 80s with a love of denim and now owns over 150 pairs of jeans. His positive influence is well known on social media and his classic red Ford pickup truck has gained a notoriety of its own.

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