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Easy Company

Fortify your fall wardrobe with this rugged and relaxed military inspired fit. “The Brace” Oxford Stretch in Dark Green and “The Axe” Denit Khaki Chinos are the perfect combo of fall ready muted earth tones, whether you are taking some much needed R&R or clocking in on a Monday morning.


1 - The Brace Shirt - Pigment Dark Green $258
2 - The Axe Denit® - Khaki $219

Garage Days

Dive in to this lived-in look that reverberates the rebellious spirit of the 90s grunge scene. “The Ripper" Organic Cotton Plaid emerges as an iconic staple, marking the arrival of fall with its timeless appeal. The perfectly weathered “The Pen” Slim Slash jeans exude the unapologetic independent attitude of walking to the beat of your own drum.


1 - The Ripper Organic Cotton Plaid - Green Beige $219
2 - The Pen Slim - Slash 14oz Selvedge $268

Endless Summer

Let the adventurous spirit of summer thrive, even as the days grow shorter. Stay cool and comfortable with "The Clip" Denit® shorts and "The Stamp" tee. When the fresh evening breeze rolls in off the coast, layer up with the breathable "The Ripper" Loose Woven shirt for a little extra coverage without being too warm.


1 - The Ripper Plaid - Blue Gray $258
2 - The Stamp - Dark Indigo $98
3 - The Clip Denit® - Sand Beige $188

Coastal Sunset

Pivot into fall without missing a step as the sun sets on the final days of summer. Embrace the vibrancy of "The Ripper" Double Gauze, injecting a burst of color into your days as winter approaches. Meanwhile, "The Pen" Slim 12.5oz Beck Natural Slub Indigo will evoke memories of sun-soaked summer days, keeping their essence alive.


1 - The Ripper Double Gauze Organic Cotton Shirt - Brick $209
2 - The Pen Slim Natural Slub Indigo - Beck 12.5oz Selvedge $298

The American Classic

Nothing’s more American than jeans and a tee. With these staples, nothing is more important than comfort and quality. With this classic look, you can feel the quality in our soft and breathable organic cotton tee and sturdy Old Blue 14oz selvedge denim.


1 - The Stamp Organic Cotton 7oz - Pigment Gray Beige $98
2 - The Pen Slim - Old Blue Raw 14oz Selvedge $248

Weekend Denim

As the last coals of the BBQ go out and tiki torches are lit, you will reach for this lightweight Air Selvedge jacket. This effortless double denim fit combines two tones of denim for a casual thrown together feel that looks just right.


1 - The Scissors Slim Tapered - Jett 14oz Selvedge $268
2 - The Stamp - Light Indigo $98
3 - The Blade - Indigo Rod Air 11.5oz Selvedge $358

Out of the Office

Brunch in the city, coffee by the beach, or just lounging around on a hot day? This lightweight look will keep you cool and comfortable without sacrificing an ounce of style. The unsurpassed breathability and softness of The Ripper Double Gauze Shirt is ideal for when you want to ditch the undershirt.


1 - The Ripper Double Gauze Organic Cotton Shirt - Military Green $209
2 - The Clip Denit® - Sand Beige $188

Summer Layers

You don’t have to lose the layers just because it's warming up outside. Our breathable Double Gauze Waffle Shirt, lightweight tee and slim selvedge will keep you looking fresh all summer long.


1 - The Wrench Waffle Double Gauze Shirt - Blue Bandana $228
2 - The Stamp Organic Cotton 7oz - White $98
3 - The Pen Slim - Keith 14oz Selvedge $268

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