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Pit Stop

With the frenetic energy of Spring turning up the tempo, there is no time to waste. Seize the day and night with a versatile ensemble that effortlessly transitions from the office to a night out and beyond in comfort and style. The universally appropriate The Axe Chino in Black is a chameleon. The crisp look of The Blade Raw and the welcoming comfort of The Ripper in Double Gauze round out the look to give contrast and depth. The perfect blend of sophistication and approachability make for a sharp, yet inviting vibe that is neither too formal nor too casual—just right for any occasion.


1 - The Ripper Double Gauze Organic Cotton Shirt - White $209
2 - The Blade - Indigo Raw 14oz Selvedge $358
3 - The Axe Denit® - Black $219

True Blue

There is nothing like the look of time-tested, tried and true double denim. This combo of The Blade jacket and The Pen slim jeans strikes a harmonious balance between weathered vintage and crisp raw denim. Both are made with our original 4-Way Stretch Selvedge denim, so they are as comfortable as they are tough. The ultra-soft, The Stamp tee in indigo seals the deal on this triple indigo outfit.


1 - The Blade - Indigo Raw 14oz Selvedge $358
2 - The Stamp - Dark Indigo $98
3 - The Pen Slim - Keith 14oz Selvedge $268

Smooth as Whiskey and Water

Midwesterners know the value of hard work. They also know how to take it easy on their downtime. Head Designer Nick Noguchi pulled this look together, featuring The Brace Shirt and Pen Slim Jeans—a do-it-all combo that roams between putting in the hours to having a kickback evening. Whether you're workin’ hard or hardly workin’, this getup's your go-to from sunup to sundown.


1 - The Brace Shirt Stretch Oxford - Whiskey $258
2 - The Pen Slim - Old Blue Raw 14oz Selvedge $248

Sharp Contrast

The Blade jacket's light color pops against the unmistakable rock-and-roll vibe of The Scissors black jeans. It's a high-impact combination that commands attention in any setting and the 4-Way Stretch Selvedge will make sure you have the freedom to walk the walk. Throw on the double-brushed comfort of The Ripper for that extra soft touch.


1 - The Blade Moleskin - Beige $298
2 - The Ripper Organic Cotton Plaid - Green Beige $219
3 - The Scissors Slim Tapered - Black Raw $219

Back to the Drawing Board

As the holiday cheer subsides and the novelty of the new year fades, it's time to fuel that inner spark that keeps you ahead of the pack. The Vice Sashiko Chore Coat steps up to the task. Paired with the comfy Stamp tee and rugged 17.5oz Mammoth Jeans, it exudes sophistication with a touch of hands-on grit that a blazer simply can't match. This look is the modern way to say, "I mean business."


1 - The Vise Sashiko - Dark Indigo $388
2 - The Stamp - Light Indigo $98
3 - The Scissors Slim Tapered - Buddy 17.5oz Mammoth Selvedge $318

Weekend Rendezvous

When you are on your time, there isn’t a minute to waste. Cut to the chase, throw on your favorite jeans, and head out. The Pen Slim and The Blade Jacket are a perfect pair for a relaxed and natural double-denim vibe. Roll up to your next meet-up being your authentic self, ready for anything.


1 - The Blade - Jimmy Indigo 10.5oz Selvedge $338
2 - The Stamp Organic Cotton 7oz - Pigment Charcoal $98
3 - The Pen Slim - Indigo Raw 14oz Selvedge $228

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