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Frequently Asked Questions



Finding the right size jeans can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help make buying jeans online easier.

● Always use measurement charts - Tag size is a general starting point but sizing varies between different brands. Even within the same brand, different cuts of jeans can differ in size. Learn how to measure your best fitting jeans and compare them to size charts.

● Consider the weight of the denim - Heavier denim can often lead to smaller fitting jeans. If you have a pair of Kato 10.5 oz jeans and they fit with no extra room, you may need to size up on the 14oz. A 32” waist in 14oz denim will fit tighter then a 32” waist in 10.5oz denim.

● Consider the cut - The rise is one thing to consider when factoring in the waist measurement. On lower rise jeans you need more room in the waist. For higher rise jeans you need a little less room. For example, say you measure your best fitting pair of jeans and the waist is 32” with a 10” rise. When shopping for a new pair that has a 9” rise, you may need a 32.5” waist. For a pair with an 11” rise, you may need a 31.5” waist.

● Does it stretch? - You can wear more fitted jeans made of stretch denim without sacrificing comfort. 100% cotton can feel tighter in the hips and knees, even if the waist is the correct size. Consider this when measuring your jeans. Are they made from stretch denim? Is the pair you are buying stretch or 100% cotton. Sometimes you may need to size up going from stretch to non-stretch, even within the same brand and cut.

These considerations on denim weight and cut will help you find the correct size with confidence. If you are still unsure, please contact Kato Brand customer support.


If you'd like shorter inseam, please add our paid chainstitch hemming service to your order, which you can add on a product page as a paid option. We recommend adding extra inch onto the inseam you'd want for raw jeans because of its shrinkage. If you'd like to roll up for showing a selvedge, you'd add extra 2 inches onto the inseam you'd want. Hemming would take 3-5 business days. (It would be more during the holiday season) Hemmed pairs cannot be returned. You may order a pair without the hemming service first to see if it fits and place a new order with the hemming service then return the original pair.


Raw denim has up to 2% shrinkage while it would be 1% for washed denim after wash but they will also stretch out again by being worn over time.

What are the differences for the Needle, the Pen, the Scissors and the Hammer?

What is Denit®?

The Denit® Pants are reminiscent of the vintage stay-pressed pants made popular in the 60’s and 70’s, but with innovative updates to the fabric and a modern fit to achieve unparalleled comfort and style. Years of meticulous development of both the fabric and construction make this possible. The result is a unique knit pant that retains its shape and will last for years. The Fabric Denit® is a knit fabric specially developed to have the comfort of sweatpants and the rebounding qualities of our 4 Way Stretch Selvedge but the unmistakable softness of a knit fabric. Made from 70% cotton, 21% Polyester, 9% Polyurethane. We were very interested in the potential of this fabric and were inspired to make a knit 5-pocket pant with it, something we have not seen done before. The journey was far from over. The techniques used to successfully sew this fabric into pants had not yet been developed and it was thought to be impossible. Because of the incredible quality of this fabric, we were excited to take on the challenge. We worked for a year to develop a technique of sewing that would not only enhance the comfort and mobility but also preserve the beauty of the fabric. We are very proud of what we have achieved.

The crooked belt loop

The crooked belt loop found on the back of most of our jeans is a deliberate design feature, inspired by vintage 1950s denim. It is not a manufacturing defect. Back in the day, they had to hand-stitch the belt loops for Levi jeans. The area where the belt loop was supposed to align with the pants was too thick for hand-sewing. Therefore, they needed to slant the belt loop slightly to stitch it on.


There's no warranty on our products. If you have an issue with our products, please contact us with a picture of the concerned part.


Most of our jeans are sanforized but please contact us if you look for about a specific style.

How to avoid fades

If you want to avoid the jeans being faded, our Denim Wash And Denim Linen Spray would help. We would not recommend dry cleaning unless it's mentioned on a care instruction label.

Do not tumble-dry

In most cases, tumble-dry should not be used for our products to avoid unexpected alterations and white marks/creases. Dry cleaning should not be used either because they would cause coloring issues. Please follow the wash instructions on the care label.



As of April 2024, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners club, Shop pay, Apple pay, Google pay, Meta pay, Amazon pay, Paypal, Afterpay and Sezzle.

Order Processing Time

On a regular business day, orders which are placed by 2:30pm PST will be shipped on the same day. For expedited options, please note that they would be processed by a shipping carrier the next day of the order fulfillment. Rules for the shipments are subjected to shipping carriers. We do not process orders on Saturday, Sunday or company observed holidays.

Order adjustment

If you'd like to cancel or adjust your order, please log in and click the order you'd like to adjust.
You can do it only when the order is unfulfilled. Once the order is shipped out, the order will not be adjustable.

I forgot to put a discount code.

Applying discount codes on existing orders is unworkable. If you forget to put a discount code, please cancel the order and place a new order with the discount code again.

International orders (outside from the US)

For International orders, duties and tax will be collected besides a shipping fee at the checkout. International orders are ineligible for returns/exchanges due to the fees.

I have not received my order although the status has been delivered.

If your tracking number indicates "delivered," but you haven't received your order, our course of action is to file a claim with the shipping insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund or send a replacement until the investigation is complete, which may take approximately a month. If you haven't received your order, please contact us and provide your shipping address.


Return policy

Our return policy is here. You can proceed your return/exchange on Loop. Please read our return policy before proceeding your return.

I'd like to exchange for a different style.

If you would like to exchange to a different style, please process just a return and place a new order for the different style then contact us so that we would waive a return shipping fee.

Defective/Product Issues

If you have any concerns with your purchased items on our webstore, please contact us with a picture of the concerned part. If the items were purchased at a retailer, please contact them first.

Thursday Boots

For returning/exchange Hiroshi Kato products purchased at, please contact us since the items are not allowed to be processed on Returnly.For returning/exchange Thursday Boots purchased at our webstore, please go to Thursday Boots return portal.


Authorized retailers

You can look up our authorized retailers here. Our office in Los Angeles is not open for public but you can visit here with an appointment.
If you are interested in carrying our products at your store, please contact us with your store detail such as location. Our wholesale representative will reach out to you.


Gift card

You can purchase our digital gift card here. You will get an email with a voucher code after the purchase. You can share the voucher with someone you'd like to send to. Please contact us if you'd like us to send the gift card to someone else. The gift card is non-refundable.

Gift wrapping

We do not offer a gift wrapping.

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