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Our goal is to create jeans and garments that withstand the test of timepieces you can wear, wash, and repeat season after season. We craft our denim to last for years while aging beautifully in the process. Every detail matters, and hardware is a key component in fortifying the structure of our garments. From robust rivets and buttons to durable zips and the strongest threads, we ensure that every element contributes to the longevity of our creations.

Mail Label

Each KATO product features a hand drawn label that is embroided and attached to the inside of the waist bel.

Coin pocket

We added a vertical selvedge line to the coin pocket making it visible when wearing a classic tee.

Ykk Zip

KATO adopted the zipper fly for durability and functionality. We used a YKK 5.5 zip that is larger than your standard denim zipper making it more durable and easier for everyday use.

Hip Pocket Stitch

Following vintage tradition, we included a hidden bar tack in the hip pocket. The signature KATO stitching becomes wider as it spans across the pocket.

Front Tack Button

The tack button on denim is like a stamp that represents the brand. We use the 27-line double circle button that varies in color depending on the denim color and weight. The KATO brand logo is stamped on the button and is only attached to products that meets the high standard of quality.


Nipple rivets were first used in denim production in 1871. The concept was to hammer copper rivets onto the pocket corners and the base of the fly where the denim was most likely to tear. Today most denim makers will use cover-type rivets that slightly protrude from the fabric which became our inspiration to go back to the roots of denim hardware and create our own custom nipple rivets.


The KATO logo is placed on the four corners of the leather patch. The logo is imprinted making it less noticeable at first glance. Following classic vintage denim, the leather patch is 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 and also following that tradition, the belt loop is placed underneath the leather patch so it is not hidden when a belt is used.


Originally, selvedge ID colors were used to differentiate the various denim brands. KATO's signature selvedge ID used on our 4- Way Stretch Selvedge is orange and white. We use different ID colors to differentiate the various selvedge denim fabrics we offer. All our denim is high quality Japanese selvedge.

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