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The Anvil Sashiko - Dark Indigo

SKU 001059601-S

We take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship, exemplified in "The Anvil" Shirt Jacket. Unlike traditional two-dimensional patterns used for tops, we use an advanced 3D pattern to create this exceptional piece. By incorporating side panels as the third dimension, we achieve unparalleled control over the garment's shape, resulting in an impeccable fit. Complete with vintage-inspired rounded chest and hand warmer pockets, cat-eye buttons, and Nylon lined cuffs, "The Anvil" Shirt Jacket effortlessly blends classic style with modern innovation.

The word Sashiko means “little stabs”. It is a reference to the needle movements in the stitching technique used to mend and reinforce clothing in Japan since the 1600s.

This season we are offering “The Anvil” Shirt Jacket in this historical fabric. Our 10oz Sashiko fabric, is the perfectly suited for this lightweight jacket and showcases a unique patterned surface, while maintaining a soft feel.

The Indigo Sashiko fabric is made from a rope dyed indigo yarn and will eventually fade with wear like denim. 

10oz Sashiko fabric

• Indigo dye

• Chest & side pockets

• Pen Holder

• A soft lining inside the neck and on the cuff

• Cat eye buttons for durability

• Made In USA

• The model is 6' and wearing size M


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Customer Reviews

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Samuel Kim
Love the material, cut, and design

The sashiko anvil feels absolutely amazing. I tend to run between an XL and a Double. In my case, the Double offers the perfect amount of shape and room. I wear it for its comfort and style, and people have definitely noticed both. I get compliments on the jacket every time I wear it.

Thank you for your review, Samuel! We're thrilled to hear that you love the material, cut, and design of our Anvil Sashiko jacket. We put a lot of effort into creating a comfortable and stylish piece, so it's great to know that it's being noticed and complimented. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy wearing it!
-Kato Team

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