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The Blade Moleskin - Coyote

SKU 5012440CY-S

Moleskin has its earliest origins in medieval Europe, where the fabric was first made to be used by farmers and hunters who needed clothing that was comfortable, warm, durable, and wind resistant. Moleskin has been used periodically ever since, most notably in the French Army jackets of the 40’s and 50’s, and in shirts and jackets in the 70’s. Moleskin is a fabric that is rarely seen today and is not widely available.  We wanted to bring back this fabric which is highly sought after by vintage collectors. We were not satisfied by merely reproducing this vintage material, so in true Kato form, we made a few subtle adjustments to further improve durability, comfort, and finish. The thread count and density of the fabric was increased to improve durability. This higher tension also gives the finish of the Moleskin a deeper luster that will enhance the unique aging qualities of this jacket. This is a piece we have taken from the past to the present and made to last long into the future.

Bold and ready to be worn, the Blade denim jacket is inspired by your traditional denim jacket silhouette (Our inspiration were the 1930’s era denim jackets) with our added twist of comfort. The Blade is a timeless piece that will pair great with our Axe Chino or selvedge denim jeans.

• 100% COTTON

• Made in USA

• Model is 6' and wearing a size M.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Jacket Hampered by Poor Fit / Pattern

The overall design, quality, and construction of the jacket is great, the color is excellent. I saw the photos and fell in love with it after a long search for a similar jacket.

My read on the issue is that unfortunately, the shoulders are designed in such a way that they seem unusually wide for the size relative to comparable jackets, like Flint and Tinder, Rogue Territory, Freenote Cloth, or Levi's. The result is unless you are particularly broad-shouldered relative to other aspects of your body, the shoulder will overhang your natural shoulder meaning the jacket sleeve will bind at the shoulder joint when you try to raise your arms to the side or forward; if you've ever tried on a slim dress shirt where the shoulder was too wide, you might be familiar with this. Crossing your arms or giving a hug was impossible. However, upon using one hand to artificially pull the jacket shoulder in slightly, the issue was resolved. I had tried a Small and Medium, and neither really solved the issue since even the Small has a wider shoulder than a Medium in other brands.

Arms down, at my side, the jacket was great, but that's just not good enough for a jacket that I want to wear everywhere and actually do things in. Unfortunately, had to return and am back on the hunt for a better fit.

Hi B

We truly appreciate your detailed feedback. This will be reviewed by our designer.

Best regards,


More fashion over function because you can’t raise your arms very high due to no stretch, but it has the most incredible fit, color and texture of any jacket I own, and I own a lot.

Thank you for your feedback, Daren! We are so glad you like our jacket.
-Kato Team

Amazing Jacket!

I’ve always wanted a denim jacket, but have never found one that felt right. The material on this jacket and the unique stitching make this one of a kind. Can’t wait to see how it wears for years and years.

Hi Shawn, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review!
We're happy our Blade Jacket is working out for you.
-Kato Team

Charles Hammell
Dripping with Style, Color, and Craft


Thank you for the 5-Star rating, Charles, we appreciate it!
-Kato Team

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