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The Axe Denit® - Khaki

SKU 3005-316-KH-29

Our Axe Denit® Chino is the perfect fusion of vintage style and unrivaled comfort. The design was inspired by vintage pieces and builds upon the timeless style of classic chinos. The versatile Axe Chino made with the revolutionary Denit® stretch fabric seamlessly transitions from lounging at home to conquering the office, ensuring both comfort and style effortlessly blend into your day.

• Slim Fit

• Chino


• 4-Way stretch

• Made in USA

• Model in the first picture is 6' and wearing a size 32.

Find the right fit for you with our


Experience the unmistakable softness and sophistication of Denit®, a fabric that offers a fresh perspective on loungewear. Denit® combines the cozy, soft feel of your favorite knitted sweatpants with the texture of a woven fabric. This fabrics ability to rebound after being stretched ensures a fit that won't bag out or sag over time, making garments that are perfect for any occasion.

the details
Knit Fabric
4-way stretch
Garment Dye
Made in USA
Slim Fit
Vintage Details

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Comfortable, Stylish, Worth it...but

If sweat pants and chinos had a baby, these pants would be it. They have all the pros of both, and none of the cons. The fabric is stretchy, but substantial. Comfortable but clean. They can dress up nicely with blue sport coat but work well with a t-shirt and sneakers...The only quirk is the rear pockets. 4 stars because of the rear pockets: you'll either find them to be a quirk or a feature. Simply put, when you sit down, your wallet will travel sideways towards your hip. Consequently, you won't sitting on your wallet, rather, it will be to the side of you. Hard to explain. Either way, pants are worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Ronald. We're glad to hear that you find them comfortable and stylish. We appreciate you feedback about the rear pockets, we'll make sure to take it into consideration for future improvements.
-Kato Team

Super comfy pants

I got the khaki chinos and they are probably the most comfortable pants I've ever had. I added the custom hem and they are still a bit longer than I expected them to be. I will have to get them hemmed again. I give these 4 stars because the pockets are hella weird. The front pocket entry is like completely parallel with the leg seam, so you it's kind of awkward to reach into them (hard to explain). The interior pocket also extends all of the way to the crotch. I'm not sure if this is standard on the Hiroshi Kato pants/jeans, but it's definitely a first for me. My phone like slides all of the way over in the pocket and gets a little uncomfortable. Same thing with the rear pockets.. they extend basically from your buttock to the outer seam of the pants. It's kind of weird because my wallet slides over to the side of my leg. It's kind of nice when I sit down cuz then I'm not sitting on my wallet, but it gets positioned oddly when I'm standing. Overall, great pants, I'm just not sure if the designers have ever seen pockets before.

Hi Mike, thank you for the great feedback, we will definitely pass it along to our design team. We hope you continue enjoying our chino pants.
-Kato Team

J Barbosa
The most comfortable paints!

Since I’ve bought my first pair of The Axe Denit I haven’t been able to stop buying them, and they’ve been gradually replacing all my chinos. I hope Kato will launch new colors soon.

Thank you for the great review, J! We're glad you're enjoying our paints and we hope you'll continue to do so in the future.
-Kato Team

Insanely comfortable!

Absolutely love the feel of these. They aren't lying- they feel like work-appropriate sweats. My only constructive feedback: the pockets are too small- particularly the back ones, but all of them are a little small considering modern gigantic phones.

[Edit] ok, what's with the back pockets? Short vertically, but wrap all the way over to the side seam horizontally? Thought I lost my wallet but found it slid all the way over to my hip. Difficult to fish out. That's just weird.

Thank you for the feedback, TK! We will pass your review to our design team.
-Kato Team

Great Pants!


Thanks for the 5-Star rating, JD! We're glad you're enjoying the pants.
-Kato Team

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